(10 days / 09 nights)


Day 01: Damascus


Arrive to Damascus International Airport.

Meet and assist Advanced Travel tour escort.

Transfer to your hotel.

Check in and overnight.


Day 02: Damascus



Visit the national museum of Damascus then continuing to visit the old quarter and visit the folklore museum, which is a typical 17th century Damascus house, visit as well the Omayyad mosque and the tomb of Saladin.

Optional lunch in a local restaurant.

Afternoon continue sightseeing by visiting St. Paul’s window and St. Ananias chapel.

View to Damascus from 350 meters above the city level.

Back to your hotel.



Day 03: Damascus / Palmyra


Breakfast .

Drive to Palmyra one of the greatest trading post on the antique silk road
Visit the museum, the temple of God Bel, the monumental arch, the viarecta, the agora and see some of the tower tombs
optional lunch is in a local restaurant
enjoy the sunset while visiting Ibn Maan castle.

Check in at hotel Palmyra.



Day 04: Palmyra / Dura-Europos / Mari / Deir-Ezzor



Drive to the east of Palmyra to the Euphrates basin to visit the ruins of Dura-Europos, a historical town built by Seleucus Nicator.
Continue to visit the archeological site of Mari, a great kingdom flourished in the third millennium B.C Over to Deir-Ezzor.



Day 05: Deir-Ezzor / Halabia / Rasafa / Aleppo



Drive to visit Halabia, a fort built by the Palmyreans to look after their affairs in the east.

Visit Rasafa, a 5th century Christian holly town.

Visit the Islamic Jabar castle and Al-Assad dam on the Euphrates.

Driver to Aleppo.



Day 06: Aleppo



Full day sightseeing to visit the highlights of Aleppo includes the archeological museum, the Citadel of Aleppo, the Grand mosque

Optional lunch in a nice local restaurant.

Continue to visit the bazaars and the caravanserais of Aleppo.



Day 07: Aleppo / St.Simeon / Ebla / Apamea / Hama



Drive to visit St. Simeon cathedral of all times

P.M. drive south through the fertile country-side to visit Ebla In Apamea,

Visit the main avenue, Antony and Queen Cleopatra once strolled in this street.

Continue the visit to the Cathedral.

Arrive to Hama.



Day 08 : Hama / Homs / Crac Des Chevaliers / Damascus



Drive to Homs.

Visit Khaled Ibn- Al Walid mosque, (Khaled is an Islamic leader, who conquered Syria in the 7th century AD), visit the Church of Um- Alzunar, a belt found in this church said to be the belt of the virgin Mari

Continue our visit to Crac Des Chevaliers

Drive to visit Ma’aloula, the picturesque village on Qalamoun Mountain.

Arrive Damascus.



Day 09: Damascus / Shahba / Bosra / Damascus



Full day excursion to the south to visit the basaltic hills and to view the great monuments of Sweida, Shahba and Bosra whose enormous edifices built of hard basaltic stones reveal a glorious past.

Back to Damascus.



Day 10: Departure



Transfer to the airport for the final departure.


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Rate per single room US $ 11472.00 US $ 1837.00 US $ 2390.00



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